Living In The Pacific Northwest   1998
The "DOORS" Jim Morrison Discovered


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                                                The Jim Morrison
1 Hr. Discovery DVD Review by Craig Swenson
  The Jim Morrison 1 Hr. DVD is very good. It has
great photos and Jim talking and singing spot on all the
way through. If you are a big fan of Jim Morrison or the
Doors Music you will love this DVD. "Worth Money Invested."
  Jim is very much alive and well. I have been a  "DOORS"
fan for over  40 years. Check it out for your self. You will
be surprised, without a doubt this is the Poet & Rock Star
of the "Doors".                                                                 CS
True Facts about the "DOORS" Jim Morrison
On Nov. the 18th of 1998 The "DOORS" Jim Morrison signed under his name Jim Morrison and under his French name and thumb
printed to act in the Dec. 19th. 1995 Lengthy Fatal Shootout
re-enactment Movie that happened in Prospect Oregon and filed with the Oregon State Police. 98 & 99 Jim Morrison Gerald Pitts contract agreements available for viewing by appointment only.

  On July the 3rd of 2000 at the Jim Morrison Sanctuary Ranch in
Oregon Jim Morrison sang to the BEST OF THE DOORS CD album
recorded by Gerald Pitts of Rodeos West Motion Pictures Inc. and

viewed in the video above. 

  1998 and 1999 Matched Jim Morrison handwriting samples are available for viewing by appointment only at Rodeos West Studios
Ph. 1-541- 815 - 9721.

Prior to April 2005 three 1998 & 1999 documents of the "DOORS James Douglas Morrison's right thumb print, signature, 1998,
1999 and the year 2000 photographs recorded by Gerald Pitts in still, in motion and in audio along with Jim Morrison's Oregon Sanctuary Ranch address and French Name he was living under were sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigations along with the
Final Notarized Public Notice that Gerald Pitts of Rodeos West Motion Pictures is representing Jim Morrison formerly of the "DOORS" Musical Group as the Authentic James Douglas Morrison formerly of the "DOORS"
Musical Group.
 Along with the
Notarized Public Notice to the Department of Justice
Gerald Pitts of Rodeo's West also sent a VHS copy of the "DOORS Jim Morrison Discovered Living in the Pacific Northwest was PERSONALLY REVIEWED by the FBI.

  In summer of 2003 the Jim Morrison "DOORS" Redeemed Trust
was formed and published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal under legal notices. Los Angeles Publication available for viewing at
Rodeos West Studios by appointment only.   

  On April the 28th of 2005 the U.S. Government sent to Gerald Pitts a letter of Authentication stating NO VIOLATION within the INVESTIGATIVE JURISDICTION of the FBI was IDENTIFIED.

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